National Research Council

Founded in 1923, the National Research Council (CNR) is the largest Italian research institution. 

With its 7 departments specialized in different scientific fields, it is today a strongly multidisciplinary structure with the mission to carry out research projects, promote innovation, the competitiveness of the national industrial system, the internationalization of the national research system, and provide technologies and solutions to emerging needs in the public and private sectors.

With this vocation the CNR is the leader of the SPATIALS project.With 12 of its Institutes belonging to 4 different departments, it covers in a transversal way all the planned activities, provides tools and know-how to support the technological innovation of the companies involved in the HUB, and promotes the advancement of knowledge in the food and nutrition sector.

Participating CNR institutes

Francesca Sparvoli

Scientific Coordinator
IBBA coordinator

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Eleonora Cominelli

WP1 Coordinator

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Bianca Castiglioni

WP2 Coordinator

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Alessandra Stella

WP4 Coordinator

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Cristina De capitani

Communication Coordinator

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Stefano Santabarbara

IBF Coordinator

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Silvia Pietralunga

IFN Coordinator

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Pierfrancesco Cerruti

IPCB Coordinator

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Espedito Vassallo

ISTP Coordinator

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