Activities of the sPATIALS3 project

4 lines of action interconnected in a virtuous system of sharing between the world of research, the productive fabric of Lombardy and the population

The project idea is developed through the realization of different activities ranging from the primary production of food to its processing, from packaging to traceability and food safety, from the validation of the functional effects on humans of new products created and studied ad hoc by the hub, up to the provision of digital tools able to offer consumers and companies in the food industry solutions and applications tailored to specific needs.

Workpackage 1

Qualitative valorization of primary productions for the production of food or nutraceuticals

Workpackage 2

Relationship between functional foods, intestinal microbiota, health and wellness

Workpackage 3

Quality, Safety, Diagnostics, Traceability, Packaging

Workpackage 4

Decision support system, virtual environments, data analysis and integration