WP4. Sistema di supporto alle decisioni, ambienti virtuali, analisi ed integrazione dei dati

Responsible: Dr. Marco Sacco STIIMA-CNR; Dr. Alessandra Stella IBBA-CNR

As a conclusion of sPATIALS3 there is WP4 that, starting from the outputs derived from the other WPs, develops digital applications and virtual environments useful both for food companies to expand their market and for end consumers to improve their diet. In particular, decision support systems will be designed and implemented based on semantic technologies that promote effective food education, helping users to select the foods most suitable for them and providing companies with the specifications to develop new products that meet the needs of particular consumers. In addition, thanks to virtual/ augmented reality technologies, environments will be created that can offer citizens information about their diet, integrated with solutions for physical exercise in order to promote a healthier lifestyle.

WP4 is composed of four macroactivities:

Development of decision support systems

Digital tools designed for consumers and businesses in the food sector to promote proper nutrition and facilitate the meeting between supply and demand.

Digital environments

Applications that support users in the choice and preparation of a personalized food plan, including functionalizing foods with the aim of increasing awareness and thus preventing the onset of diseases.

Integration with DOMUS

The decision support systems and digital environments are integrated within the Living Lab DOMUS in Lecco, enriching the offer of services dedicated to well-being for the citizen.

Statistical data analysis

Advanced machine learning technologies to support forecasting and task optimization tools. Decision-making tools for the planning of production and consumption activities (scheduling, sizing, transport, …).

Expected results in WP4

  • Development of digital prototypes dedicated to help the citizen in the identification of suitable nutritional strategies, with particular reference to the most fragile population groups;
  • Increased user awareness of the food taken thanks to support tools in the choice of functionalizing and nutraceutical foods suitable for different health conditions;
  • Suggestions to manufacturing companies for the control of new markets.

Impacts of WP4

  • Digital tools accessible by the citizen that can provide nutritional information for a healthier and more balanced diet;
  • Tools for manufacturing companies operating in the food sector and able to indicate potential emerging markets to be monitored for the preparation of new products dedicated to specific targets;
  • Integration of the tools developed within the DOMUS of Lecco, which is enriched in this way with a fundamental element for the protection of the psychophysical well-being of the individual.

Team leaders

Marco Sacco


Affiliation: National Research Council

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Alessandra Stella


Affiliation: National Research Council

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