The project sPATIALS3

An integrated HUB of RESEARCH, DEVELOPMENT and INNOVATION in the context of NUTRITION at the service of Companies and Citizens

The context

Nutrition plays a fundamental role in the well-being and health of the citizen and in the prevention of specific diseases related to dietary imbalances. The agri-food market must therefore be able to meet the demands and expectations of the consumer in terms of quality, safety and sustainability of food.

The HUB sPATIALS3 addresses these issues from different perspectives and according to a supply chain approach, with the aim of providing innovative solutions that can meet the needs of companies and citizens.



Workpackage 1

Qualitative valorization of primary productions for the production of food or nutraceuticals

Workpackage 2

Relationship between functional foods, intestinal microbiota, health and wellness

Workpackage 3

Quality, Safety, Diagnostics, Traceability, Packaging

Workpackage 4

Decision support system, virtual environments, data analysis and integration


The sPATIALS3 project aims to obtain products improved for their nutritional and functional properties; to provide and implement precision technologies to ensure the safety, traceability and quality of products; to develop smart and active-packaging eco-sustainable and innovative to minimize and recover, where possible, waste and increase the shelf life of food; to provide consumers and companies with tools for the usability of the results.

The main concept of the HUB sPATIALS3 is to put in place ideas that, transformed into products and services, are validated through a research path, in order to give concreteness to an effective process of technology transfer.

Nutrition Health Well-being
Security Traceability Quality
Active-packaging Smart- packaging
Transparency and accessibility of product and supply chain information
Tools for the usability of results, nutrition education

The project

The HUB sPATIALS3, led by CNR, is characterized by a strong multidisciplinary nature, with the participation of 12 CNR Institutes belonging to 4 different departments together with 4 companies in the agro-food sector and 4 clinical institutes.

The synergies of the system will be tested thanks to the development of Case Studies designed for and with partner companies. The collaboration with the 4 clinical institutes will allow the evaluation of food formulations studied ad hoc and the development of predictive models of their effectiveness on the health status of patients.

Citizens will be directly involved both in the design phase (in a user centered perspective) and in the validation phase, not only as target groups, but also as users of the decision support system, which will allow the consumer a more informed choice with respect to their dietary needs and will provide the manufacturer with indications for the realization of products in line with consumer needs.