Improvement of Agro-food Productions and development of innovative Technologies for a Healthier, Safer and more Sustainable diet

An integrated HUB of RESEARCH, DEVELOPMENT and INNOVATION in the context of NUTRITION at the service of Companies and Citizens

The activities of the sPATILAS3 hub

From the primary production of food to the processing of ingredients, from packaging to food safety, via the functional validation of nutritionally innovative products on humans, up to the creation of digital tools for the usability of the results obtained from research. These are the main lines of activity of the Spatials3 hub, which offers a wealth of different technical-scientific skills in the nutritional field at the service of the food industry and consumers with a view to improving quality, health, safety and traceability of production.

Workpackage 1

Qualitative valorization of primary productions for the production of food or nutraceuticals

Workpackage 2

Relationship between functional foods, intestinal microbiota, health and wellness

Workpackage 3

Quality, Safety, Diagnostics, Traceability, Packaging

Workpackage 4

Decision support system, virtual environments, data analysis and integration

The HUB sPATIALS3, led by CNR, is characterized by a strong multidisciplinary nature, with the participation of 12 CNR Institutes belonging to 4 different departments together with 4 companies in the agro-food sector and 4 clinical institutes

Events and activities